An Awesome Worship Experience Yet to Come

I was reminded Sunday evening at Bible study of the privilege of knowing that I am one in Christ with those of all different walks of life. There are many who are our brothers and sisters in Christ that we will never meet this side of eternity.

What an awesome thing it will be to someday worship God for eternity alongside those of different languages, races, and times. Can you imagine worshipping God alongside those believers who first heard the Gospel at Pentecost? What about those who listened in person week after week to C.H. Spurgeon or Jonathan Edwards?

Even better yet, can you imagine what it will be like to worship alongside those who have yet to hear and respond to the Gospel at all? Those who will someday come to faith in Christ because God used our missions efforts to reach them? What about those that our children will minister to? God may reach those future generations through those he’s using us to reach today.

How awesome it will be!